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What began as casual party conversation more than 36 years ago is now Colorado Springs' premier location for fine wine, craft beer and craft spirits, proudly serving the Springs at 330 W. Uintah since July 3rd, 1981.
With nearly 1,500 different beers, premium wines from every wine-producing country on the planet and an impressive inventory of craft spirits and liqueurs, you can expect an excellent selection of brands for every palate and budget, including rare finds, special orders, and the best new products on our shelves, nearly every day.

But what really sets us apart is our team of knowledgeable and helpful sales consultants. 

Meet The Team

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Co-Founder | Co-Owner

You can often find Peggy in the wine section of the store, eager to help customers find the perfect bottle!  She proudly manages the wine newsletters and is always happy to jump in wherever needed!

"Remember gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for... It is Champagne!" -Winston Churchill

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Co-Founder | Co-Owner

Our co-founder, Jim, is a bit of a Renaissance man. Passionate about, and well-versed in fine wines, craft beer and spirits, Jim is a lover of old world wines, malt-forward craft beers, and bourbon. A Buffalo, NY native, Jim's favorite pastimes include skiing, biking, golfing, and being a thorn in the sides of Peggy and Chelle.

"Boredom is a matter of choice, not circumstance" -Elbert Hubbard

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General Manager | Lead Beer Guy

A Watertown, SD native, Austin (or "Woody," as he's known around here) has been on the Coaltrain team for more than 14 years. An avid sports and outdoor enthusiast, Austin is also passionate about craft beer, specifically IPAs. A novice magician, Austin has mastered the ability to make delicious beer disappear, seemingly into thing air. He also enjoys NZ Sauv Blancs, Malbec, Islay Scotch and Gosling's Family Reserve Rum.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin

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Wine Whisperer | Whip Cracker

The maven of the Wine Festival of Colorado Springs, Chelle has been associated with Coaltrain in one way or another for more than 15 years. The proud pet-parent to four dogs, including Bowdoin (a healer mix rescue), who is our junior shop dog. Chelle is our resident Dog Whisperer (even though the dogs keep asking her to speak up). She loves all the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer, as well as wine gardening (an activity of her own creation). Chelle's favorites are Bristol Beehive, Sonoma Anvil Cider, Moscow Mules, fine wines and bubbles!

“Life happens when you are busy making other plans.” -Unknown

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The Boatload of Knowledge | Spirts + Beer + Wine

A Lisle, IL native, Nels is one of our veterans, having been with Coaltrain for over 13 years. His broad expertise spans every department in the store, and he's a wealth of knowledge on spirits, craft beer and wine. An avid runner passionate about travel, geography and sports, Nels is also a fan of Islay scotch, mezcal, tequila, vintage port, IPAs and imperial stouts.  And he likes to watch BBC World!

"I'm an author in my story, and its end depends on me." -Redemption, "The Art of Loss" 

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The Cooler Manager

One of our relative newcomers, Jon joins our team by way of Washington, KS, where he grew up on a farm with a veritable Noah's Ark of animals.  He studied mathematics at Kansas State U. and is a sports nut who can spin a basketball on his finger for serveral minutes, and enjoys an array of beers, including good stouts (especially coffee, barreled-aged, or ageable), barley-wines, porters, mostly all Belgian ales, organic fruit/vegetable ales, W.C. pales and IPAs. Occasionally he'll settle in with a good ciders, or some good sipping tequila, gin, or rum.

"Make every game your most important." -Ray Lutz

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Monetary Exchage People Person | Spirit Woman | Instructor Extraordinaire

Leslie enjoys spending time with her husband and poodle, gardening and GNOs! Outside of Coaltrain, she's a new content creator on YouTube where she teaches how to create distilled things "from plant to bottle." (Check her channel out at Leslie B Gottesman - Distill Me This).  Leslie holds certifications as Certified Bourbon Steward from Stave and Thief Society, and completed the Whisky Ambassador Programme- Level 1. She loves to travel and has lived in many places, including San Luis Obispo County, California where she last hosted wine tours and tastings!

"We're all mature until someone brings our the bubble-wrap!"

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The Keeper of the Books

When not calculating and keeping the books, Faye can be found enjoying vigorous workouts at Orangetheory, biking, doing yoga or hiking with her three awesome pups: Oliver - a spunky, 13 y/o Jack Russell, Izzy - a sweet and lovable 7 y/o Golden Retriever, and Bentley - a playful outgoing 5 y/o Golden. She enjoys  gardening, specifically herbs and flowers, and experimenting with different recipes/trying wines from all parts of the world! Some favorites include dry, full bodied reds, although she's a fan of  testing out new rosés and white wines during the summertime.

"In all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt." - John Muir

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Stocker & Delivery Dude Extraordinaire

Luke is a Colorado Springs native, but attends school in Portland, Oregon.  During the summer, he helps the Coaltrain team with all-important Drizly deliveries and re-stocking the shelves!  On his way to dropping off your drinks, Luke can probably be found listening to sports podcasts and keeping up-to-date on the wide world of sports. In his free time, he loves to golf, he played in college!  He occasionally enjoys a cold beer or a glass of wine, but really loves to drink White Claw Hard Seltzer.  And even if he gets flack for that, he proudly "stands his ground." 

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