Twisted Pine’s Artisan Ale Series

Twisted Pine’s Artisan Ale Series

by / 0 Comments / 125 View / March 18, 2012

This is a new beer series for 2012. It will feature “12 distinct, limited release beers, each adorned with original artwork composed by local artists inspired by our recipes.” We are currently stocking the 2nd and 3rd in the series:

#2 Beer: Canis Lupulus Imperial India Black Ale, $12.99/ 750 mL

Art: “Silver Stars and Moon” by Chris Huang

Canis lupulus, or “Hop Wolf”, is an Imperial India Black Ale double dry-hopped with Galena and Citra hops.

#3 Beer: Sacred Spice Chai Porter, $12.99/  750 mL

Art: “Life is Beautiful” by Millicent Kang

Sacred Spice is a Baltic Porter infused with Sanctuary Chai.

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