Trinity Brewing Company

Trinity Brewing Company

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trinity logoTrinity, our home town brewery and brew pub, is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2012 they got their bottle program up and running and out the door; meaning you will now see their bottles all around town in the finest bottle shops.

Of course Coaltrain has you covered!

We currently are carrying 7 different offerings(several in short supply) from Jason Yester and his dedicated brewers. 2013 brought a price adjustment on all releases, so check out the prices below. We feel you’ll find them to be very reasonable and great values for the high quality brew in the bottle:

trinity slap yer mammySlap Yer Mammy, Double IPA. $17.99 Coming in at 10.5% ABV this huge ale is brewed with 7 of the highest quality malts and 9 varieties of hops! On our 125 minute boil we pack in 125 IBU’s, making this one of the hoppiest beers ever brewed in the world. If that’s not enough hops, then just wait! Unlike any of our other beers, we dry hop this one twice to pack in as much aroma as possible! A truly shocking Double IPA all you Hopophiles. 10.5% ABV

trinity oh faceOh Face, ancient and wild provisional Saison. $15.99 If you ever wanted to time and space travel to rural southern Belgium during the 1800’s, this is the beer to do it with. The malt bill consists of a combination of barley, oats, wheat, rye and spelt. For the fermentation we use a blend of Saison yeast with wild 3 Brettanomyces strains, then we spice this beer with lavender and age it on French oak. 6.5% ABV; rare.

trinity emmasEmma’s Pumpkin Saison. $15.99 Brewed with Garam Masala, brown sugar, torch roasted and caramelized sugar pumpkins, white sage, coriander, and mace. This fall version of the Belgian style tastes just like pumpkin pie … If you were in Belgium. 9.5% ABV; rare.


trinity merleMerle, Saison Nocturnum. $17.99 Another member of the new family of strong Belgian ales known as “Super Saisons”. The reference, Nocturnum, is inspired by the intimidating jet black color of the beer. Spiced with a blend of sarsaparilla, sassafras, coriander, hibiscus and cumin creating a perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness, and acidity. 12.2% ABV; rare.

trinity tps reportTPS Report, Wild American Bretta. $15.99 If you love the funky side of Belgium then you will love our TPS Report. The grain bill for this beer includes flaked oats and flaked wheat, and the recipe is flavored with tangerine and lemon zests. Fermented 100% with a very rare variety of Brettanomyces this beer is the funky funky farmhouse, wet wool, and heavy leather that we’ve all grown to love. Exceedingly aromatic, yet drinkable! Bottled once a year and triple fermented for authenticity. No printers or faxes were harmed in the making of this beer. GABF GOLD MEDAL 2009, Bronze 2012; 4.8% ABV; rare.

trinity le capitaineLe Capitaine, Petite Bouddha. $17.99 A Blonde Saison Regal brewed as the tipping of the hat to Peter Bouckaert. Brewed with an absurd amount of pumpkin, candied endive, cacao nibs, and Buddha’s hand, then fermented with various strains of Bretta, Lacto, and Saison yeast. The resulting beer has a light body and very softly spoken complexities. Extremely drinkable for a very large Super Saison. 10.4% ABV; rare.

trinity little death rideLittle Death Ride, Saison Apocalyptique. $25.99  The second collaboration between Black Fox Brewing and Trinity Brewing documenting “Hip contemporary culture”. This beer is crafted with indigenous Mayan ingredients in celebration of the end of the 13th Mayan B’aktun. This blood red “super saison” is brewed with red Aji chiles, Annato seed, tomatoes, Anasazi bean, fresh maize, pumpkin, cacao nibs, honey, hoja santa, wild white cinnamon and aged on clay. Released 12.21.12 ! 13% ABV

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