St Patrick’s Day Craft Beers

by / 0 Comments / 122 View / March 15, 2012

Left Hand’s Milk Stout Nitro, $9.49 / 6 pack

All that cascading loveliness without the widget. It blows the imports out of the water. Pour it HARD!

Boulevard’s Irish Red, $7.49 / 6 pack

“A reddish-brown colored, medium bodied beer with a moderate toasted malt flavor and a moderate hop bitterness”

Moylan’s Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale, $4.99 / 22 oz.

“A rich ale recipe from the Homeland, Paddy’s Irish Red Ale is malty sweetness in liquid form. A low hop profile dances above the massive barley character, creating an invigorating aroma and caramel character that will compliment most foods. Hearty and luscious, this brew is what keeps those Irish Eyes A’ Smilin’!”

Moylan’s Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale, $5.99 / 22 oz.

Robust and Strapping , Our Scotch Ale takes BIG Beers to a whole new level. Rich malt balances perfectly with delicate hops to provide a concentrated and intense flavor; an ideal companion for hearty foods, or as a meal unto itsself. Allow this ale to warm slightly in your glass to enhance its truly bold character .Sharing is encouraged, as this is one beer that lives up to its name! Hey! No peeking! Slainté!


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