Single Barrel Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Single Barrel Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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Single Barrel Buffalo Trace

The single barrel Buffalo Trace Bourbon is back!

We love Bourbon! We love it so much that we bought a whole barrel. All said and done, it was about 50 gallons of the good stuff. This particular barrel was hand selected by our dedicated staff. We received several samples from different Buffalo Trace barrels and, after a thoughtful tasting session, we picked one we wanted to call our own. Buffalo Trace was kind enough to bottle it, in 750mL and 1.75L bottles, and then send those bottles along with the actual barrel to us. Please stop by and enjoy some of this fantastic Bourbon, and get your chance to see and touch the actual barrel it came from. We are offering the 750mL bottles at $22.99 and the 1.75L bottles for $39.99.

Staff Tasting Notes:

Caramel and sweetness on the nose with spice on the palate followed  by a lingering well-balanced finish.

Cutting with a bit of water will elevate the nose revealing more fragrance of dark fruit and vanilla.

Molasses on the nose, toffee on the palate

Caramelized brown sugar, hazelnut, a bit of butterscotch with a long, mild finish


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