Life Longevity with Madiran, Win-Win

by / 0 Comments / 189 View / April 16, 2012

MadiranMost everyone has heard that red wine is good for your health. The culprit is a chemical compound called, Resveratrol. They gave it to mice and they couldn’t get rid of the little devils (my house must have it). Now comes some new compounds call Procyanidins that have been found in high levels in the red Madiran wines of southwest France, where men live longer than the average.

The journal Nature made the connection between Madiran wines and longevity. Reportedly the Procyanidins aid the repair of arteries that feed the heart and have strong antioxidant properties. Madiran is made from the Tannat grape, which is also grown enthusiastically in Uruguay and to a lesser degree in Argentina.

Wherever it’s grown, Tannat produces a dark, hearty, concentrated wine with pleasing minerality. There is a lot going on with the wines and it shines with hearty fare. Coaltrain almost always carries some Madiran wines. And we have one of the very best now. Maybe it can become our new “Fountain of Life.” Golly, we need one.

2006 Laffitte-Teston Madiran, $25.99: Perhaps the top Madiran maker. The wine is dense and formidable. In ways, it reminds you of  a “left bank” Bordeaux, like a Ste. Estephe.

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