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Coaltrain Wine & SpiritsSince the Neolithic Period (8500-4000 BC), winemaking has been regarded as an “intentional human activity” as opposed to a “seasonal happenstance.” In other words, when humans ceased their barbaric and nomadic ways and became civilized, wine making – and, in essence, enjoying the fruits of that labor – became not only a vocation, but an art. Since that time, there have been people who have become experts in the field, devoting their lives to informing others about the intricacies of the grape.

If winemaking is not a mere happenstance, purchasing wine should not be, either. Yet, many consumers seem intimidated by wines and the process by which they are created. As a result, they go to a “warehouse liquor store” and end up buying something an uninformed clerk recommends – or whatever happens to be on sale.

To that end, we at Coaltrain Wine and Spirits have made it a prerequisite to share our vast knowledge of wine, beer and spirits with the general consumer. We have six experienced staff members to help you select the perfect wine to accommodate every taste and price range. In fact, we hand-pick every bottle of wine on the shelves, basing our selections on how interesting the wine is, how well-made it is and its value for the dollar.

In addition to providing the best selection of wines and fine spirits in Colorado Springs, Coaltrain Wine and Spirits also offers one of the largest assortments of microbrews in the area, as well as wine tastings, winemaker dinners, guided tours of vineyards all over the world, seminars and party planning services. Coaltrain Wine and Spirits is also involved in coordinating the annual Wine Festival of Colorado Springs, benefiting the arts in Pikes Peak region.

Another unique service Coaltrain Wine and Spirits is offering through its website is the opportunity to shop online for in-stock or special order items. Patrons may then come to the store and pick up their orders (delivery is available under certain conditions).

Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or are purchasing a bottle for the first time, you will benefit from our vast experience and knowledge at Coaltrain Wine and Spirits. Indeed, we will go out of our way to provide the utmost service to you, our valued customer.

Peggy McKinlaySince 1981, Coaltrain Wine and Spirits has been a family-owned and operated endeavor, providing the people of Colorado Springs the finest selection of beer, wine and liquor in the area. In the early 1980s, owners Jim Little and Peggy McKinlay opened Coaltrain as the neighborhood liquor store with a twist: this establishment also stocked some of the finest high-end wines and liqueurs available, which was a first for Colorado Springs.

In the beginning, Jim and Peggy realized that wine would eventually become the drink of choice for many. Twenty years and two expansions later, Coaltrain Wine and Liquor is now one of the finest specialty spirits stores in Colorado.

To be sure, the staff at Coaltrain makes it special. Each one has a unique perspective on beer, wine and liquor, and provides the customer with an expert opinion on every item in the store.

Jim LittleJim Little, one of the owners of Coaltrain Wine and Spirits, has spent 32 of his 37 years in the liquor industry in that position. He earned his degree from the University of Denver (BSBA) School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and has spent his time since then very wisely, as he was a restauranteur for 10 years and has been in the liquor/wine business for more than 25. Jim has done numerous local TV and radio spots to promote the Wine Festival of Colorado Springs, which the company has coordinated for the past 20 some years. Jim, who says his favorite wines are “all of them,” also conducts tours to different wine growing regions each year.

In essence, our primary goal is to assist the customer, which, admittedly, is an old-fashioned approach in this era of automation. Yet, we strive to provide exceptional service and to share our vast knowledge of wines and spirits of all characteristics and price ranges. Indeed, our commitment to the customer does not end with the paycheck as sole reward. Rather, we make an effort to educate clients as an integral component of the selling process. Whether it is via party planning, aiding in gift selection or simply offering a suggestion for the perfect wine with dinner, we believe wine selling is a fun profession that we take very seriously! Of course, we delight in seeing customers return, eagerly looking to us for the hottest new wine – or the ultimate classic one.

The trust our customers have in us is not unlike the trust one should have when dealing with a professional in any trade. At Coaltrain Wine and Spirits, we pride ourselves on the intimate relationships we have built with our customers. We are certainly not a “warehouse” liquor store where you might as well buy shoelaces and beef jerky with your chardonnay. We hope that you will find shopping with us, either on the web or in our store, an educational and fun experience and we look forward to seeing you return.

Thank You
The Staff at Coal Train Wine and Spirits